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Born on 12th February [1], year unknown, quite how he came to live with Wallace we don’t know, all we know is that it was some time before his first birthday.[2]

After graduating from Dogwarts with a double first in Engineering for Dogs [3] Gromit’s talents have just gone to waste. Instead of building complex machines, as he is capable of doing, the only time Gromit really needs to use his brainpower is usually very shortly after Wallace tests a new invention when it becomes Gromit’s responsibility to stop it.

The only reason he is still living with Wallace is love. He and Wallace have been through a lot together and although Gromit is sometimes put out, even bullied, by Wallace he knows that Wallace couldn’t manage without him and therefore must stay. This has only been broken twice, once when Feathers McGraw butted into the limelight and it became apparent that Wallace didn’t need or love Gromit anymore [4], the second time being when Gromit was tempted away by the idea of becoming a show dog. [5]

The biggest thing Gromit has ever got involved with is Anti-Pesto. [6] Originally sceptical of Wallace’s idea, he eventually came round to it after finding rabbit droppings in his greenhouse and by the idea that it might inspire Wallace to finally clean out the cellar to make way for the rabbits. [7]

Being almost completely mute, and having no apparent mouth, Gromit has developed a way to converse with Wallace by moving his eyebrows. He is also apparently a great film fan.[8] His love for gardening has won him many awards, [9] including the coveted Golden Carrot [10]. His favourite colours are beige, sky blue, and bright yellow.[11] He takes his tea with two sugars and claims that he learned to fly a plane in the canine division of the Royal Air Force, affectionately known as the RUFF-RAF. [12]

Who knows what the future holds for Gromit, all we can be sure of is that he secretly looks forward to the day when Wallace finally puts down his tools and the duo can live peacefully together without any more inventions to disrupt their lives!

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