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He’s a very mysterious character in many ways. We don’t know his age (although he is apparently somewhere in his mid fifties [1] and his Birthday is 7th August [2]), and we don’t even know his surname!

Very little is also known about his childhood, although we know that he went to ‘Fanny Craddock Elementary My Dear Watson Primary School’, (showing considerable skill in metalwork, woodwork, and technical drawing) before moving onto ‘Samwise-on-Shire Comprehensive High’. He achieved a scholarship in Junior Inventing to get into the later, he apparently achieved it through an early model of the Cheese-o-matic. [3] At some point he also attended West Wallaby Street Secondary Modern with Bert and Queenie Maudsley, who later in life tried to hypnotise him and various other inventors to steal their ideas. [4] His Father worked part-time as a Father Christmas, a job that Wallace took up for a short while later in life. [5]

The only information we then have from here until the events of A Grand Day Out are that he used to have a very bushy beard and hair before losing it at the same time as Gromit was growing up. [6]

He has always shown an interest in cheese, and is now a real cheese connoisseur. His favourite is Wensleydale, but his top five also include Cheddar, Stinking Bishop, Cheshire and Stilton. [7] Really he loves all cheeses - on crackers, toast, bread, or anything besides! He was a successful candidate in the British Cheese Board’s ‘Search for a Star’ competition [7b] and won the ‘Cheese for Europe’ competition by using an invention of his design to make a new flavour. [8] If he has cheese too late in the evening however it will give him nightmares. [9]

He seems to have inventing in his blood and is the type of person who really will build a machine to put your shoes on rather than doing it himself. His biggest aim is to make a machine to cook for him. At one point he came extremely close to achieving this, but the inclusion of a top-up-meter used he put in for novelty was the downfall of this one. [10] One of his most important objects is the Bronze Award he was awarded for his Bully Proof vest invention - however when collecting the prize it punched the judge in the face. Wallace was not invited back the next year. [6] His two favourite magazines are ‘Popular Inventor’ and ‘Cheeseweek.’ [11b]

He has met very few women under 70 and therefore was overwhelmed by the beauty of Wendolene Ramsbottom. This proved not to be when it turned out that she was allergic to cheese. [12] He then developed a crush on Lady Tottington, [13] although he would never admit to loving either of them.

He came very close to true love with Piella Bakewell, the girl of his dreams, but this ended in tears when it turned out she was 'The Cereal Killer' and was intending to kill him as part of her insane revenge on all bakers. [14]

His biggest venture yet has been Anti-Pesto. This also ended very nastily when he got ‘altered’ and became a Were-Rabbit. Luckily Gromit was on hand to stop him from being killed. [15] He now runs 'Top Bun', his bakery business, with Gromit and Fluffles (who came to live with them after the Piella incident.) [16]

Whether he will ever put down his hammer is unknown, and probably very unlikely, but Wallace’s life is the happiest possible. He loves the way he lives and that’s what makes him such a warm character.

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